Discussion between Bruce and our new Architect for our new project

Discussion between Bruce and our new Architect for our new project concerning metal structures instead of cement.

This needs to be on the report as well. We may try to pre fabricate the houses using metal, wood, glass and only foundation and support columns with concrete.

aqui tienes el presupuesto del ing estructural… dime si procedo con el… hi Bruce,, find foward the quote of the estruc eng, tell me if we go foward with him.. regards Andres.

‘Studio Apartment Project Proposal’
DR Paradise Real Estate

Buenas tarde,
Arq. Andres Noriega como le dije por telefono, aqui le dejo algunas fotos de lo que seria el tipo de losas en metal deck, y en cuanto al costo del diseño estructural, lo que seria el diseño mas los detalles estructurales y la memoria de calculo tendria un costo de RD$5,000.
Espero respuesta suya, un placer
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Diseños estructurales al extremo.


The owner of Passiflora housing project, 23 homes in Las Terrenas

Hi Nolwenn,
I was checking to see what is going on with the projects especially my villa.Any news?Please advise.
Bob Levine
I talked to her yesterday and they said they are still working on it. Yesterday the government approved þ10 projects. Ill send you the email. Pedro Jose who works with me is supposed to be checking with gov met officials today in Santo Domingo for Lionel.
Hi Bob,
As Bruce wrote, we are still on it, in relation with Medio Ambiante.
On the 10 projects approved by this institution, most of them are new ones, not begon. This number include individual houses an private lots (and one of these 10 is one of us, for a single private house). Only 1 or 2 of these 10 projects were under construction.
But I think it is fine, because it shows that Medio Ambiante is going on Las Terrenas works. Our turn soon ????
I let you know,

Property Purchase

Hello Captain,

Sorry I am jsut getting back to you, I have been away from the office. Here are ome houses meeting your criteria – all close to everything and certain to appreciate in value, especially now that the new road from our new El Catey International Airport is nearing completion.

Please look these over and provide feedback. Please tell me a little about your buying time-frame, and when you will have a chance to visit us.

OK, Captain Davis, thank you again for this opportunity to earn your business.

Dan Hussmann
DR Paradise Real Estate



Thanks a lot for your response.

I am looking for luxurious Villa with a private garden swimming pool(
Not Necessary) terraces and magnificent view, 3 to 4 bedroom. Strictly
residential, for me and my family.

My budget is from $800,000,00 to $1,2000,000,00. (Between Eight
Hundred Thousand to One Million Two Hundred United Sates Dollars.)

I will need to see the prices of the houses you have and the design.
The proximity to shopping malls, schools and other amenities are
important in my decision making sir. Please note that the area in
which the houses you have for me is something I have to put into a
bigger consideration as it will also help in appreciating the value of
the house in nearer feature.

Get back to me with your full information for houses that you have so
that I can make a choice.


Capt. Alan Davis.


> Hello Capt. Davis,
> Thank you for your inquiry about purchasing property in the Dominican
> Republic. We can certainly assist you all the way through to the end of your
> purchase. We have over 12 years selling Real Estate here!
> Please tell me a little about the type of purchase you would like to make.
> Please be as detailed as possible i.e., if it is a house or apartment,
> number of bedrooms, land, amenities wanted, what the end use is, and of
> course your budget.
> I have added a lengthy information letter below for you to peruse a your
> convenience. It will answer a host of questions for you!
> Looking forward to hearing from you soon,
> DanDannyDaniel Hussmann


Here is your informational letter…….
> Thank you again for your inquiry about real estate in the Dominican
> Republic. We really appreciate it and we want to do all we can to make your
> buying experience here a pleasant and profitable one. Anytime you have
> questions or feedback of any kind, please be sure to bring them to our
> attention.
> There should be plenty of info for you here…I hope not too much, but you can
> check it all out as time allows.
> I know you are going to love the DR and Las Terrenas which is our most
> beautiful beach town.  Also, the Samana Peninsula has a very special place
> in this world. Here is a great link. This is our local “info” magazine and
> you can certainly get a great feel for our city by clicking on the Las
> Terrenas link.
http://www.peninsuladesamana.com/yuca/pages/welcome.php?lang=EN. You can
> even book hotels.
> As for the real estate part of your trip, we will guide you through this
> venture every step of the way. We have several properties that will meet
> your requirements. We are very familiar with all the inventory, we know
> which builders to use and which to shun, we have all the best legal minds
> available, and we know which areas are most likely to suit your needs and
> wants.
> About your specific question I refer you to the listings above.
> I also invite you to peruse our websites which are given below. This will
> educate you as to what property values are…it’s an awesome source for all
> things Caribbean, because you can access our BLOG there. It is full of great
> info.
> We have some great new properties on these websites
http://www.drparadise.com and www.DRCaribbean.net. These listings are
> refreshingly up-to-date and we are adding more all the time so please be
> sure to check back often.
> Are you planning to visit Las Terrenas and the Dominican Republic soon? We
> would like to offer our services and help ease all travel anxieties. We are
> a bi-lingual office, We know the town intimately, and are ready to make
> suggestions and even reservations for you. Our town has all the amenities
> you could need such as a supermarkets, cafe’s, internet shops, automobile,
> motorcycle and quad rentals, eco-tourism trips and more.
> Do you have your travel arrangements made yet? I would be more than happy to
> help you make your hotel reservations and domestic travel arrangements. How
> about ground transportation while here?
> Or, here are the local domestic airlines that fly right to Las
> Terrenas/Portillo from Santo Domingo. I will be more than happy to make a
> reservation  for you. The flight from Santo Domingo across Samana Bay is
> stunning. www.takeoffweb.com and
>  http://www.aerodomca.com/English/english.html
> I hope this is enough to get us started. Please remember I am at your
> service.
> Thanks again for this opportunity to earn your business.  I sure hope I’ve
> helped.


> I am Capt. Alan Davis  and I would like to buy a Property in your country.
> Can you be of any assistance to me?
> You can write me on my Email address: allanjdaviss@gmail.com
> Waiting for your response ASAP.
> Best Regards
> Capt. Alan Davis.

copies of titles

Hi again Bobby,

Above please find attached copies to the title to the land. A survey may or may not be readily available according to the principal’s Agent. However, he is still checking on this.

My suggestion to you is:
1. Write a “Promise of Sale” – not a contract, just a “if this – that – and the other is completed by a certain date then we will buy the property” sort of informal paper. The seller’s acceptance of this would, in effect, remove the property from anyone else being able to buy it. Take it off the market, and tie it up for you.

2. Put a 20% deposit in Escrow with Guzman, Ariza and associates Law Firm (also attached above). Very reputable. Escrow would be totally refundable.

3. Give them 60 days to produce the survey.

4. Use this time to get title insurance which you would want as well. Stewart can be employed, but perhaps Guzman already know this property and it would save money.

I know you said you are a cash buyer and want to have a fast closing, but things take at least this long in the DR anyway. This way, all is done correctly and safely for you and your family.

Please think this over, let e know if you have questions.

All my best,

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