copies of titles

Hi again Bobby,

Above please find attached copies to the title to the land. A survey may or may not be readily available according to the principal’s Agent. However, he is still checking on this.

My suggestion to you is:
1. Write a “Promise of Sale” – not a contract, just a “if this – that – and the other is completed by a certain date then we will buy the property” sort of informal paper. The seller’s acceptance of this would, in effect, remove the property from anyone else being able to buy it. Take it off the market, and tie it up for you.

2. Put a 20% deposit in Escrow with Guzman, Ariza and associates Law Firm (also attached above). Very reputable. Escrow would be totally refundable.

3. Give them 60 days to produce the survey.

4. Use this time to get title insurance which you would want as well. Stewart can be employed, but perhaps Guzman already know this property and it would save money.

I know you said you are a cash buyer and want to have a fast closing, but things take at least this long in the DR anyway. This way, all is done correctly and safely for you and your family.

Please think this over, let e know if you have questions.

All my best,

DanDannyDaniel Hussmann
Licensed Florida Real Estate Broker
DR Paradise Real Estate, Hotels and Land
VOIP telephone 1-(908)-910-4190
Member ICREA
Member Hispanic Chamber of Commerce


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