The Caribbean offers much to retirees, a warmer and sunnier climate, healthy produce and swimming at the beach every day. Some islands have great healthcare and you could even acquire a daily housekeeper for lower cost. Your children would have a holiday home in the sun that you can leave for them as an investment. There are plenty of reasons why you should retire to the Caribbean…..

1. More For Your Money
The economy in the Caribbean is generally going to give you more for your pension. You will have a lower food bill and utility bills are cheaper then in the UK. You won’t have high electricity or gas bills for heating, but the electricity bill may rise slightly in the summer, depending on whether you choose to use the fan more to keep cool.

2. Health Benefits
On some islands, there is an abundance of healthy produce for healthy eating, the air is cleaner as there is less traffic and you won’t be tempted to buy lots of donuts, because they aren’t easy to come by.

3. The Weather
It’s warmer, no more feeling cold to your bones in the winter. The sun shines more and anybody who has suffered from Seasonal Affective Disorder will feel a lot better. If it looks like rain, it usually does rain, unlike Europe, where it can look like rain for days on end, but nothing happens to clear the skies to blue again.

4. Less Pressure
The pressure created by the media can be more easily escaped so that you can live more in your own world if you choose to and concentrate on how many grapefruits or pineapples you have growing in your garden instead of hearing horror stories on the news.

5. Enjoy Yourself
You can spend every weekend on a Caribbean beach if you like, and after 40 years of hard labor, surely that is what you deserve! Enjoy your retirement.

6. Social Life
You can still have your social life with the number of ex-pats in the Caribbean you can find people from your own country if that is your preference, or you can meet a whole host of new people from other places to make for more interesting conversations.

7. Internet Communications
With the help of the internet, you can easily stay in touch with your home country for family, friends and any business or money related activities that you need to attend to. You can also stay on top of the news and even watch your preferred television programes and listen to your favorite radio station. Programs like Skype allow you to SEE your loved ones and them to see you!

8. Family Holidays
If you see your children twice a year, then you could spend 2 weeks with them at their house and then they come to you for two weeks, that can add up to more time than many parents see their children, but it’s all in one go! They’ll have a place to stay in the Caribbean, and then you can always leave it for them for the future as an investment and/or holiday home.

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Las Terrenas, Samana, Dominican Republic


1. Las Terrenas, Samana gets new aqueduct

1. Samana gets new aqueduct
President Leonel Fernandez was in Samana yesterday to formally inaugurate the Samana aqueduct. The areas of Las Terrenas, Carolina, Abra Grande, Atravesado, El Buen Pan, El Coson, La Bonita, La Ceiba and La Barbacoa in the northeastern province of Samana are benefitting from the new water supply. During the ceremony, President Leonel Fernandez opened the valves of the newly constructed aqueduct serving the Samana peninsula. The director of the National Institute for Potable Water (INAPA) Mariano German said that the Coson River is the main source of the water for the aqueduct. He said the new intake system, pumping station, water treatment plant and laboratories cost RD$858 million and provide 260 liters a second to the communities served. The aqueduct has its own electricity generator to insure continued water supplies.

New Water Treatment System for Las Terrenas

” Here is our new water system in Las Terrenas. We will be one of the first towns in the DR where you will be able to drink the water. This great water system will be inaugurated next month. The total cost is more than 16,000,000$. Everyone in Las Terrenas will have water 24 hours a day 7 days a week.

A large Brazilian company won the contract, the storage tank was built by the Americans and the water purification system was built by the Israelis. This is a state of the art system and is located in our beautiful Coson area.
The elites in Santo Domingo all have homes here and they want to make sure the great Las Terrenas area is the best area in the Dominican Republic. Contact us if you would like a tour of the plant.”

This is another great reason to live in Las Terrenas! If you haven’t yet purchased a property in LT you can visit www.drparadise.com for the latest hot deals.