DR Banks Strong

DR banks strong
The end of 2008 found Dominican Banks with assets totaling RD$596.5 billion, for an increase of RD$60 billion over 2007. Listin Diario details that the benefit of this is that an increase in liquidity could be advantageous in the result of a financial crisis on the world markets. Bank administrator Rafael Camilo made the declaration on the status of banks during a press conference to discuss the Dominican banking structure, a variety of economic indicators and monetary policy. According to Camilo, banks made RD$12 billion in earnings, RD$2.6 billion more than in 2007. He said banks paid RD$3 billion in taxes in 2008. He also explained that credit increased by 17.2%. Bank solvency rate also recorded an increase of 1.4%, realizing 14.5 in 2008


Halloween & Christmas 2008 – Las Terrenas, Samana, Dominican Republic

Dominican Republic…Greener than most!

3. Green nation
Administrators of the Plan Nacional Quisqueya Verde say that the Dominican Republic’s forestation levels have improved from 27% in 1997 to 33% in 2008. This means the Dominican Republic is on pace to surpass its goal of 35% forestation by 2015. Technical director Elias Vargas said that new tree planting was going on at a faster rate than projected. Plan Quisqueya Verde director Jose Enrique Baez said that nearly a million trees are being planted around the Dominican Republic during planting season. Baez says that Bolivia, Chile and Costa Rica are interested in learning from the familiarity of the Dominican project with a view to duplicating it in their countries, and have sent officials to study its achievement. The Plan Nacional Quisqueya is working in 70 communities across three provinces of the Dominican Republic and it is projected that Quisqueya Verde will receive RD$70 million in 2009 to carry on its forestation mission.

Dominican Republic…Greener than most!

The arrival of cruise ships boost the economy of Samaná.

SANTO DOMINGO. With the arrival of two ships simultaneously, the Grandeur of the Seas of Royal Caribbean and Norwegian Spirit from the Norwegian Cruise Line, Samaná launched cruise season 2008-2009, a period in which it is projected to receive over 230 thousand passengers a total of 110 cruises.

The information offered Andres Federico Schad, general manager of the major cruise tour operator in Samana Bay Cruise Services, who said that “this season will receive the largest ship to date, and one of the largest of the line Royal Caribbean, which is the Explorer of the Seas, with a capacity for 3,500 passengers. ”

He explained that this is a fact that demonstrates the confidence that the cruise lines have placed in our province, “he said. Schad said that” the current period exceeds 13 percent in the previous one, which received 97 vessels, is also of great success for this sub-sector that benefits the tourism industry of Samaná.

He said that the cruise lines promote the area in all their advertising campaigns, providing the public with this cruise is interested in returning for a longer stay.

The executive stressed that Samaná is a destination for cruise ships that have experienced higher growth in the country, and discussed the impact on the economic cruises are for the area.

“They generate a large amount of direct and indirect jobs, a major business with sales of excursions, crafts, paying taxis, cargo shipping, as well as consumption in restaurants, among other products and services that require tourists, “explained.

He said that “one of the priorities of Bay Cruises is security for tourists in transit for free and relaxed.

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