Las Terrenas beaches reopen as crews still clean up flood trash

LAS TERRENAS, Dominican Republic.- Services to tourists and visitors of the resorts at Playa Bonita, in Las Terrenas and were restored by the Tourism Ministry, whose crews continue the cleanup work several days after damages caused by the rivers Caño Seco, La Jagua and


Las Terrenas swelled their banks.

The crews of the Tourism Ministry’s Infrastructure Dept. (CEIZTUR) hauled off debris and garbage which had washedup on the shore by the floodwaters in the stretch between Punta Popi and Cayo Ballena, whose beaches are now reopened to the public and the swimmers immediately visited the area.
Mayor José Alexis Martinez said once the damage occurred he contacted CEIZTUR, which sent the crews and support needed to clear the beaches. “The biggest floods were caused by the swelled Caño Seco River, whose waters rose suddenly like never before.