short list of why Las Terrenas is so spectacular!

here is a short list of why Las Terrenas is so spectacular!

Well there are lots of reasons to be here in Las Terrenas, Dominican Republic.

1. The weather, endless summer with year-long trade winds making the climate beautiful all year long i.e., no more winters.
2. A large expatriate community well integrated with the Dominican community offering almost every service you can imagine. I just got my Toyota land cruiser fixed, two days of labor 150$. My German computer guy just fixed my \blackberry that I bought locally. We got apples to zinc for sale here all sold locally.
3. Very low tax base. I pay little or no property taxes nor income taxes.
4. Good internet connections. we got 3 companies offering fairly high speed internet here in Las Terrenas.
5. Great food, with more than 5000 expatiates here mostly French and Italian the food is great and fairly cheap, especially locally grown food items.
6. Lots of European and Dominicans selling real estate at still fairly affordable prices.
7. A new highway to Santo Domingo, now you can get there in about two hours and daily flight as well.
8. A very attractive young and hospitable Dominican community that as I say is very well integrated with the European community here.
9. The best beaches in the DR, 20km of them, rolling hills with ocean views and the greenest province in the DR. Here are some photos I took all in one afternoon here!
10. Big Dan’s Café Americano!

Actually the list goes on and on, in short come down for a visit and see for yourself.


Info Tourism

Samaná is far away from Punta Cana, Bavaro, Juan Dolio and Bayhibe, with its all-inclusive Caribbean dream, rum shots, bachata and meringue.

It is beyond the mountains, which for many years advocated the development of mass tourism. The Samaná Peninsula, with its 60 miles of spectacular beaches and lush coconut plantations, remains a pearl, and is yet undiscovered even by Dominicans.

Perhaps this is the reason why the CCN (Centro Cuesta Nacional) for its “Orgullo de mi Tierra” documentary, decided to start with the Samaná Peninsula, in the belief that to learn to love your own country, you must get to know it first.

In the world there are few beaches with water so transparent and san so fine; as this is the first reason to visit the Peninsula.

The region has about 100 beaches, creamy on the north coast, white sand on the east coast, interrupted only by groups of rocks in the south. Still mostly wild, to be discovered on foot or on horseback in complete solitude.

But if you are convinced the Caribbean is only long beaches and palm trees you will change your mind. Samaná is an ideal destination for trips dedicated to discovering the fauna and flora, a vacation to live in strict contact with nature.

Only Los Haitises National Park has 11- species of birds, with a total of 270 in the country, including herons, pelicans and frigates; endangered mammals, like the manatee and the solenodonte, three species of sea turtles, the green, Caretta caretta and the giant Leatherback turtle, which can weigh 800 kilograms!. More than 700 species of plants and a territorial morphology characterized by small cays called “mogotes”. Composed of limestone karst formations which emerge 40 meters above the water.

We also find the most widespread mangrove (Rhizozphora mangle) and white mangrove (Laguncularia racermosa) that creates spectacular links with its roots.

Between January and March, you may presence the passing of the Humpback Whales that come every year to these waters to mate and to give birth, in an unforgettable experience.

Another vital goal is the Waterfall at El Limon. Leaving the namesake town, where horses are rented, we move among plantations, of cocoa, coffee, pineapple bushes…the last stretch must be done on foot to reach the waterfall that drops for 40 meters forming a natural pool where you can bathe.

The dense forest hides small village houses that are so brightly painted, sometimes decorated with naïf drawings, flowers, and always have beautiful gardens shaded by a papaya plant.

Samaná Peninsula wisely mixes nature and the art of living the simple life in the Caribbean…united with the comforts of the modern world. Here you can live in a house designed by an architect of international repute, stand by the window and watch the fishermen returning from sea with their baskets of lobsters and fish.

And if you fall in love with the colors of the peninsula, you can take back semi-precious stones as souvenirs, maybe Larimar with its turquoise colors, with white, amber, yellow, green, and blue shades.

Luxuryliving International taps Dominican NE as best of Paradise’s 10 top beaches

Balmy breezes, unbelievable beaches, fantastic financial incentives…the utter escape from the mad-dash of the “real world” and a permanent flip-flop lifestyle. These are just a few of the reasons more and more affluent travelers are choosing to live in paradise.

Coson beach, Las Terrenas, Samana

Of all the spots to buy a vacation or retirement home in the paradises of the Caribbean, Central America and Latin America, beachfront property continues to top the list.

There is something restorative about the beach-the sand, sun and sea have the power to revive us even after long hours of working and months of cold weather back home. Whether you enjoy splashing in the surf, sunning on the shore or simply listening to the waves from the terrace of your villa while relaxing with a cool drink, beach living is about as blissful as it gets.

The Caribbean and Central and Latin America are blessed with some of the finest beaches in the world. Only hours away from most major U.S. and European cities, these beaches offer the added bonus of being easily accessible.

For many, it’s an simple choice to own a vacation home or retire to a beach in paradise-not only are these stunning beaches easy to reach (yet worlds away from reality), but many of the countries have a lower cost of living and offer financial incentives to make retiring in paradise more desirable than ever.

Last year, Luxury Living International brought you our expert picks for the Top 10 Places to Live in Paradise. Now, we delve further into life in paradise, providing a detailed look at the Top 10 Beaches to Live on Paradise. From the Turks and Caicos to the Dominican Republic and Costa Rica to Cabo San Lucas, Mexico, these are the best beaches, beachside developments and beachfront properties that you would love to call home-and actually can.

Our picks represent the best of beach living in paradise-each of these beaches offers luxury, accessibility, great properties and, above all, sublime beauty.

Coson Beach, Las Terrenas, Samana (northeast)

Perhaps the Caribbean’s best-kept secret, the once-sleepy fishing village of Las Terrenas is becoming one of the hottest spots for vacation homes in the Caribbean for those in-the-know. Some are even calling it the San Tropez of the Caribbean.

The Dominican Republic boasts some of the best beaches in the world and Las Terrenas and Samana Peninsula have the best of the best, including Coson (Playa Coson), a long, luscious stretch of untouched sand dotted with gently leaning palms.

Besides beautiful beaches, Las Terrenas entertains with an eclectic mix of international restaurants and shops and outdoor pursuits from fishing and diving to hiking and whale watching. Los Nomados, the Samana Peninsula’s premier gated community, is the place to find that paradise dream house and own a slice of virginal Playa Coson. Villas such as the sprawling, modern-meets-Caribbean-chic Villa del Mar enjoy a prime spot right on the sands of Playa Coson.

La Liga Deportiva Los Terreneros ya tiene estatutos

La Liga Deportiva Los Terreneros ya tiene estatutos

La Liga Deportiva Los Terreneros ya tiene estatutos

La Liga Deportiva Los Terreneros tiene ya sus estatutos. El Comité Director estará compuesto de 5 o 7 miembros. Copia de este documento esta a disposición de quien la solicita.

Noticias sobre la preparación de los Juegos Municipales 2010: Los delegados representando los diferentes equipos que participaran a los próximos juegos se reunieron ayer para formalizar las inscripciones. Unos 500 atletas participaran en 9 disciplinas. De 30 equipos, buscamos todavía 20 patrocinadores. A cualquiera persona interesada en patrocinar o ayudar este evento, favor de tomar contacto con el Presidente, el Sr. Moises DRULLARD (809 973-4515) o cualquier miembro de la Liga.

Este fin de semana a partir de viernes 30 de abril a las 02:00 p.m. inicia la Liga de Las Toronjas o sea la práctica de los Juegos Municipales en el play con juegos de softball A y B. Están todos invitados para que conozcan a su equipo favorito.

Próxima reunión regular domingo 9 de mayo 2010 a las 10:00 a.m. en el Multiuso. Bienvenido a todos.

El Presidente de la Liga, Moises Drullard

Liga Deportiva Los Terreneros
Institución sin fines de lucro, dedicada a la organización de eventos deportivos
Registro de la propiedad industrial Numero 267945

Las Terrenas Pino de Austria News

Pino de Austria Las Terrenas

Pino de Austria Las Terrenas

SÄGGSSCH: Ossi Pardi … nur fier rischtsche Ossis…Veranstalder wärn: Heidi ( macht Soljanga ), Elke ( Berliner Eck ), Andy ( BBQ ), Marion ( Rotgäppschn ) und alle Ossis die ooch kommn wolln … Fuddern und Soofen kostet nischt
Clubessn im Los Pinos am 22.5.10 nur fier Mittglieder
Fier alle die neije Hoompeitsch von Frank Marenbach is fertsch
Jeeden Sonntach BBQ mit schmackez Andy am hauseischnem BBQ

DEUTSCH: 1 Mai Ossi Party … nur für ex Ossi´s … Veranstalter Soljanka Heidi, Berliner Eck Elke, BBQ Andy, Rotkäppchen Marion, und alle Ossi`s die kommen … Essen und Trinken frei
Clubessen im Los Pinos am 22.5.10 nur für Mitglieder
Für alle … die neue Homepage von Frank Marenbach ist fertig
Jeden Sonntag BBQ mit BBQ Andy am Hauseigenen BBQ

ESPAÑOL: 1 mayo fiesta de los “Ossis”… solo par ex Ossis…..administradores: Heidi SOLJANKA, Berliner ECK Elke, BBQ Andy, Rotkaeppchen Marion y todos los Ossis que vienen….comida y bebida gratis
Comida del club donde el LOS PINOS, el 22.5.2010 solo para miembros
Para todos… nueva pagina web de Frank Marenbach esta online
Cada domingo BBQ con BBQ Andy , preparado al BBQ de la casa

FRANCAIS: 1 mai fêtes des Ossis…seulement pour les ex – Ossis…..administrateurs: Heidi Soljanka, Berliner Elke ECK, BBQ Andy, Rotkaeppchen Marion et Tous les Ossis qui viendront…repas et boissons gratuites
Le repas du club se passe a LOS PINOS, le 22.5.2010, il est reserve aux membres du club
Pour Tous….la nouvelle page Internet de Frank Marenbach est en ligne
Chaque dimanche grillades avec BBQ Andy, cuisine au feu de bois de la maison

ENGLISH: May 1st: “Ossis party” – for ex East Germans.
Administrators: Heidi SOLJANKA, Berliner ECK Elke, BBQ Andy, Rotkaeppchen Marion and all “Ossis” who come receive free food and drinks.
May 22nd – Dinner at LOS PINOS Restaurant – only for club members.
For everyone – the new web page from Frank Marenbach is now online
Every Sunday: BBQ with Andy, house BBQ prepared by Andy

ITALIANO: 1 maggio festa degli Ossis…solamente per gli ex-Ossis….ammministrazione: Heidi SOLJANKA, Berliner ECK Elke, BBQ Andy, Rotkaeppchen Marion Et tutti gli ossis che vengano….mangare e bere gratuito
Il pranzo del club a LOS PINOS, il 22.5.2010, é solamente per i membri del club
Per tutti…la nuova pagina web di Frank Marenbach é online
Tutte le domeniche BBQ con BBQ Andy, fatto con il BBQ della casa

PO RUSSKI: 1 мая фест “Ossis”, только для экс-“Ossis”….. администраторы: Heidi
SOLJANKA, Berliner ECK Elke, BBQ Andy, Rotkaeppchen Marion и все жители
“Ossis” … халявная хавка и выпивка.
Еда в клубе LOS PINOS, 22.5.2010 только для членов клуба.
Для всех…. Новый сайт Frank Marenbach
Каждое воскресенье BBQ с BBQ Andy, домашнее BBQ у него дома.

NEDERLANDS: 1 Mei: Ossi party… Alleen voor ex Ossis. Organisatoren zijn: Heidi (maakt Soljanga), Elke ( Berliner Eck ), Andy ( BBQ ), Marion ( Roodkapje) en alle Ossi’s die komen… Eten en drinken gatis.
Clubeten in Los Pinos op 22-05-10 alleen voor clubleden.
Voor iedereen: de nieuwe homepage van Frank Marenbach is klaar
Elke zondag BBQ met BBQ Andy op onze eigen BBQ

Las Terrenas Tandem Jump mit Vladimir und Pino und Multi Kulti Etno Mix und

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Las Terrenas sailing club

Las Terrenas Sailing Club

Las Terrenas Sailing Club

Enjoy the magic of sailing in one of the world’s most beautiful settings!

Recreational Sailing

The club offers the opportunity for beginners and intermediate sailors to learn and practice sailing. You can rent various boats, for children or adults, mono-hulls, or catamarans, and explore the beautiful bay facing the club. Instructors are available, for individual or group lessons. Security is provided thanks to the club’s inflatable motor boat.

Competitive Sailing

With a fleet of 4 lasers and 4 optis equipped for competitive sailing,with a beautiful and safe sailing area, and with consistent winds of 12 to 18 knots during most of the year, Las Terrenas is an ideal place for competitive sailing. A motor boat is available for coaching. Additional hulls will be purchased by the club to meet demand.

About the Club

Las Terrenas Sailing Club

Las Terrenas Sailing Club

This is a sailing club with a difference! A non-profit organization created by real sailors, two of which actually arrived here in the Dominican Republic for the first time by sailing boat. This is a club that is open to anyone who has or soon will have a love of sailing. It is created for that purpose. So no matter where you are from, your age and your degree of mastery of sailing, you are welcome at the Las Terrenas Sailing Club.

Staying at Las Terrenas

The club will be pleased not only to rent you boats at affordable rates but also to assist you in organising your stay at Las Terrenas. We recommend several quality hotels located nearby the club and the fishing village of Last Terrenas, where you can find many international restaurants, shops, etc. Rates remain highly affordable on international standards, including for rooms or studios with ocean views.

LT910 – plot of land for sale, Samana Peninsula, Dominican Republic.

description: A plot of land No 216-F in Punta Tilin, La Majagua Road, Samana Peninsula, Dominican Republic.
The Samana peninsula is located at the northeast end of the island, between the Samana Bay and the Scottish Bay. It extends throughout 58 km, in a west-east direction. It is on this same coastal border where the best beaches have formed, as a result of the continuing marine deposits.


At the moment you can access the property by car, from the Sanchez-Samana highway, through the La Majagua road, or by the Santo Domingo – Rincon de los Molinillos, Samana Highway, with this new highway, the trip from the capital, Santo Domingo to Samana only takes appr an hour and a half.
El Catey International Airport, Samana is situated 3.8 km from the plot of land. This new airport which serves major airlines such as Germanwings with 42% of the airport destinations, Air Canada, Canjet Airlines, American Airlines, CorsairFly and Blue Panorama Airlines.

Highlights of the plot of land:

Waterfront property, sea view
Potential for the hotel structure/ condo suites/ luxury homes/ villas/ golf course
Due to location, the main destinations passengers arriving at the new airport are those located in the Samana peninsula and Scottish Bay.
The construction of Rinco de los Molinillos Highway now offers direct access from the capital to the peninsula and has increased tourism potential in the area.
Excellent opportunity for development of the tourism industry and growth of the service infrastructure.
It’s an attractive opportunity to invest into a growing market that offers the potential for long term return.
The Dominican Republic offers the best rate of return
A recent swarm of foreign investors to the Dominican Republic has put it truly on the map for luxury property investment. The high-end segment of its real estate market is seeing numerous new and promising developments. The Dominican Republic is possibly the best place in the Caribbean for Tourists and Investors.

Type – Plot of waterfront land

Shape – Irregular

View – Sea view, beachfront

Location – Beachfront, close to the airport