Fake eco certificates in Las Terrenas

It has emerged that some tourism project promoters in Las Terrenas on the Samana Peninsula appear to have forged the environmental impact certificates needed for building in the area. According to Hoy, Deputy Environmental Management Minister Ernesto Reyna has filed a formal complaint against the promoters of a commercial center called Plaza Milano in Las Terrenas. The building itself is at the finishing stages as the legal process goes ahead.
Reyna told reporters that more cases were under investigation because of complaints filed in the area, but he added that the promoters, nearly all of whom are foreigners, are fearful of revealing names because, allegedly, they have received threatening phone calls from the responsible parties.
Some promoters say they have not been contacted by the relevant Ministry personnel. Also mentioned in the report is the claim that some projects had not provided clear-cut specifications on what is supposed to be built.
Pressure has recently been brought to bear on the Ministry of the Environment to resume several projects that were halted because they would affect environmentally sensitive areas like wetlands and mangroves.