we now have a new American school for young children and they want to get bigger and include all ages soon

Mariposa Azul American School
Educando para la Creatividad / Educating for Creativity
Calle Salomé Ureña #8, Las Terrenas, Provincia Samaná
snyder_annette@hotmail.com, 809-496-0245

Welcome/Bievenidos a
Mariposa Azul American School

Dear parents,
Thank you for the opportunity to work with your child. The preschool years are an exciting time of growth and development, and I am honored to share it with you and your child. Our goal here at Mariposa Azul American School is to encourage your child’s creativity, imagination and instill what will hopefully be a life long love of learning, at the same time that they are learning English or Spanish.
Children naturally learn through play, and here at Mariposa Azul we encourage learning through purposeful play. This is facilitated through the use of interest areas, as well as our circle times and group activities. Interest areas include:
• imaginative play and dressing up
• artistic endeavours of many kinds
• experimenting with games and puzzles
• exploring nature
• building with blocks
We’ll also learn through literature, music, movement and games. Children gain a sense of responsibility through carrying for our class pets and plants, as well as helping out with classroom clean-up.
All of these areas engage children in activities that address their socio-emotional, cognitive and physical development; important steps towards maximizing future academic and life success.
Let’s learn together and have fun!

Annette Snyder, MA
Director and Teacher


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