The aqueduct of Las Terrenas will be inaugurated next February

BREAKING NEWS: Las Terrenas.- President Leonel Fernández inaugurated on Thursday the province’s aqueduct, Los Algarrobo aqueduct, and the rehabilitation works of the Catey aqueduct regulator tank. All these works were realized by the Institute of Water and Sewerage (INAPA), at a cost of 5 800 millions pesos.

The president, accompanied by the director of INAPA, Marino Germán, iinaugurated the three aqueducts that will benefit 187,000 inhabitants of the area.

24 works of this type were delivered by the Government this year and 149 since 2004. INAPA director offered details of the work and said that water quality is guaranteed.It is a first quality water, said Germán.

Germán also announced that the aqueduct of Las Terrenas will be inaugurated next February.

The aqueduct has a treatment plant with capacity of 600 liters per second, seven tanks with a capacity of million 300 thousand gallons of water and distribution networks have a length of 132 km.

The aqueduct of Los Algarrobos was built at a cost of 8 million pesos and will distribute clean water to 538 people, while rehabilitation of the regulating reservoir of the aqueduct El Catey cost 776 millions pesos.

Las Terrenas Live, 12.11.10


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