’s online search for a TV series host goes viral – generating more than 2 million hits in the past 4 days, with daily traffic doubling in the last 3 days.

Calgary, Alberta, Canada, October 8, 2010 – With the launch of the online competition for a host of the “Paradise Hunter” Travel TV Series, has experienced explosive growth.

“The response has been incredible,” says Dennis Kambeitz, CEO and Founder of Paradise Hunter, “In the first 3 weeks of the competition we’ve had more visitors than the entire previous year, and our traffic has doubled in the last 3 days.”

Dennis believes the strong increase in traffic is due to the universal dream of finding one’s own paradise, and the once-in-a-lifetime opportunity. “Everyone has a vision of what Paradise means to them. For some people it’s a hammock on a beach, while for others it’s a small cabin on a mountain lake. Paradise comes in many flavors and we’re giving someone the opportunity to find their own paradise. Then, once they’ve found it, we’re going to give them a property there worth up to $150,000. It’ll be a dream come true for someone, and you can see how it’s affecting people in the sincerity and emotional tone of some of the application videos.”

Though the competition is just three weeks old, word is already going viral. “We’re seeing huge responses from sites like Facebook, Twitter and YouTube,” says Dennis, “people are excited about the opportunity, and they’re telling their friends, not just in North America, but around the world.”

Applications have come in from countries like India, Brazil and South Korea. “We’ve been having an amazing time here and we love watching the new videos.” says Dennis. “There’s a really great energy around the office; everyone’s having a lot of fun.”

About the Job & Application Process

The job, which pays $60,000 USD, will have the host traveling the world learning about the life, culture and sights of each country. Along the way, they’ll meet locals and expatriates as they explore the world in search of their paradise. Once they’ve found it, they’ll be given a property worth up to $150,000 in that country. Alternatively, they can choose to put the $150,000 towards years worth of vacation rentals, so they can keep exploring the world.

Applicants from around the world, 18 years and older, are invited to send in a one-minute video showing why they would make the perfect Paradise Hunter. 10 of the 40 semi-finalists will be determined by popular vote.

Videos will be accepted until November 5th. No experience is required. For more details, and to apply, visit the “52 Weeks Paid Vacation” competition at

About Paradise Hunter is a website that connects people who are looking to buy, sell, and rent vacation homes and properties around the world. In addition to thousands of vacation rental and real estate listings, the website features detailed information on many paradise destinations and offers its visitors incredible travel deals on flights, hotels, and vacation packages.

Paradise Hunter is headed by Dennis Kambeitz, a 20-year veteran of the TV industry. The Paradise Hunter team has been involved in the production of more than 300 episodes of broadcast television, airing in more than 70 countries worldwide, on such networks as CBC, CTV, Global, Life Network, Fine Living, ESPN, TSN, and ABC and NBC affiliates.


Paradise Hunter Inc.


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