Wellness ideas to reduce stress and sell property, Issue 3, Volume 3, July 2010

Welcome to SanteVu – the new place to learn to enhance your personal and business health. SanteVu is an exciting new wellness company that works with developers and property owners to create health places on site to benefit their guests and build brand loyalty. We will maintain a relationship with the guests via our health portal SanteVu.com, currently under construction.
In each issue of SanteVu information we will offer health tips for your business and something to consider for your personal health.
Both are interrelated given today’s challenging times.
In this issue we will continue to deal with stress.
In future issues health professionals on our Board of Advisors , including doctors, chiropractors and nutritionists will offer advice to enhance your health.

Tips to deal with stress

Stress is a normal reactions to events that threaten us. Such threats can come from accidents, financial troubles and problems on the job or with family. The way we deal with these pressures has a lot to do with our mental, emotional and physical health. The following are suggestions to get you started on managing the stress in your life.

1. Recognize your symptoms of stress
2. Look at your lifestyle and see what can be changed — in your work situation, your family situation, or your schedule
3. Use relaxation techniques – yoga, meditation, deep breathing, or massage
4. Exercise – Physical activity is one of the most effective stress remedies around!
5. Time management – Do essential tasks and prioritize the others. Consider those who may be affected by your decisions, such as family and friends. Use a check list so you will receive satisfaction as you check off each job as it is done
6. Watch your diet – Alcohol, caffeine, sugar, fats and tobacco all put a strain on your body’s ability to cope with stress. A diet with a balance of fruits, vegetables, whole grains and foods high in protein but low in fat will help create optimum health. Contact your local branch of the Heart and Stroke Foundation for further information about healthy eating
7. Get enough rest and sleep
8. Talk with friends, professional counsellors, support groups or relatives about what is bothering you
9. Help others – Volunteer work can be an effective and satisfying stress reducer
10. Get away for awhile – Read a book, watch a movie, play a game, listen to music or go on vacation. Leave yourself some time that’s just for you
11. Work off your anger – Get physically active, dig in the garden, start a project, get your Fall tasks done.
12. Give in occasionally – Avoid quarrels whenever possible
13. Tackle one thing at a time – Don’t try to do too much at once.
14. Don’t try to be perfect
15. Ease up on criticism of others
16. Don’t be too competitive
17. Make the first move to be friendly
18. Have some fun!! Laugh and be with people you enjoy!

Words of Wisdom can reduce stress .
Given everyone with a mind and feelings has experienced stress
read how some deal with the challenge/

“When you undervalue who you are the world will undervalue what you do and vica versa. ”
Suze Orman.
“Treasure the love you have received above all, it will survive long after your gold and good health have vanished.”
Og Mandino
“The people that created the problem and the resulting stress are not the people that can solve the problem- seek outside honest wisdom.”
Best example is BP trying to solve the problem they caused.
Sir Ken

“Satisfaction does not come with achievement , but with effort ,
full effort is victory
Mahatma Gandhi

“Willingness to change is strength, even if it means plunging part of the company into total confusion for a while.”
Jack Welch

Wise decisions reduce
business stress!
Think outside your comfort zone. Enhance your property financial health and share in the
multi billion dollar wellness business.

Wellness is a $200 billion dollar business and fast becoming a trillion dollar industry – now is the ideal time for you to benefit from this boom.

Millions worldwide, both young and old are seeking alternative solutions to the stress created these challenging times. They seek the natural over the traditional and want to follow the path to better health and greater productivity.

Enter SanteVu LLC developed over 25 years of research and now ready to launch – SanteVu means health in French/.
Global Marketing Group working with experts in wellness, health, hospitality, spa development, real estate and resort development and media created an exciting new wellness brand that will help property owners enhance their bottom line.

The SanteVu team consists of nutritionists, doctors, spa developers, hospitality professionals, real estate and resort professionals and innovative marketing gurus that prospered in challenging markets over the years. Together they created SanteVu and are selecting a limited number of resorts, hotels and retirement communities to share in this fast growing business.

SanteVu can create a health amenity, enhance services for your clients and drive traffic to your project.

Information Ken Miller, Tel. 212 247 6060, LLC, New York, NY, kimglobal@aol.com

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Published by SanteVu LLC, 119 West 57th Street, New York, NY 10019
Tel. 212 247 6060 E-mail. kimglobal@aol.com


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