7. DR aid to Haiti recognized

The DR’s aid for Haiti is an example of the internationally recognized extraordinary commitment by the government and the Dominican people, according to Jose Maria Vera, director of Planning at the Ibero-American General Secretariat, who said that the DR had received 50 South-South cooperation projects in sectors ranging from education, culture and economic development over the last few years, and that these experience could be transferred to Haiti.
Vera accepted that the perception exists that cooperation with Haiti will have to flow at a faster pace, but he said that there are difficulties in speeding up the process of reconstruction, because structures aimed at strengthening the administration in Haiti and establishing priorities need to be created.
Ibero-American secretary general Enrique Iglesias recognized the difficulties faced in helping the Haitian people. “But you have to acknowledge that the world has mobilized, especially Ibero-America, in a spectacular manner, with respect to Haiti, regarding the commitment that they have made”, said Iglesias.
He also mentioned that Latin American countries, especially the Dominican Republic, have provided a magnificent and universally recognized example of solidarity. He added that the Haitian people and the Haitian authorities also recognize this. Iglesias says that Spain has been a major contributor, along with Brazil, Argentina and Chile.
Meanwhile, America Bastidas, who is in charge of the country’s cooperation programme, said that Haiti was invited so that they could hear about the Ibero-American program of initiatives, find out how they are made up and which ones they liked, as 25 projects have been identified for Haiti.


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