short list of why Las Terrenas is so spectacular!

here is a short list of why Las Terrenas is so spectacular!

Well there are lots of reasons to be here in Las Terrenas, Dominican Republic.

1. The weather, endless summer with year-long trade winds making the climate beautiful all year long i.e., no more winters.
2. A large expatriate community well integrated with the Dominican community offering almost every service you can imagine. I just got my Toyota land cruiser fixed, two days of labor 150$. My German computer guy just fixed my \blackberry that I bought locally. We got apples to zinc for sale here all sold locally.
3. Very low tax base. I pay little or no property taxes nor income taxes.
4. Good internet connections. we got 3 companies offering fairly high speed internet here in Las Terrenas.
5. Great food, with more than 5000 expatiates here mostly French and Italian the food is great and fairly cheap, especially locally grown food items.
6. Lots of European and Dominicans selling real estate at still fairly affordable prices.
7. A new highway to Santo Domingo, now you can get there in about two hours and daily flight as well.
8. A very attractive young and hospitable Dominican community that as I say is very well integrated with the European community here.
9. The best beaches in the DR, 20km of them, rolling hills with ocean views and the greenest province in the DR. Here are some photos I took all in one afternoon here!
10. Big Dan’s Café Americano!

Actually the list goes on and on, in short come down for a visit and see for yourself.


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