DR gets larger share of regional investment

DR leads in attracting investment among DR-CAFTA countries, according to research by Pareto, Rolando Guzman firm. Researchers Brenda Villanueva and Linett Polanco presented the findings of their investigation that shows the DR has great investment potential. They say, however, that the country needs to resolve its deficiencies in the electricity sector, transport costs and improve the business climate. Their report, “DR-CAFTA and Direct Foreign Investment in the DR” was presented at the Center for Export and Investment (CEI-RD. The study was funded by the US Agency for International Development.
The DR received US$2.884 billion in investment in 2008, followed by Costa Rica with US$2.016 billion, Honduras US$888.4 million, Guatemala US$837.8 million, El Salvador US$784 million and Nicaragua US$593.8 million.
Guzman said the DR needed to accept the challenge to diversify where the investments are made while maintaining investment levels. He said that in 1990, the greater foreign investments came from Spain, Canada and the US. But today, out of every US$3 in foreign investment, one is coming from the US followed by Canada.
While in the 1990s most investment was in tourism, commerce, industry and telecom industries, today most is in commerce, industry and real estate development.


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