World Summit on Haiti’s Future

President Leonel Fernandez, his Haitian counterpart Rene Preval and former United States President Bill Clinton will open the World Summit on the Future of Haiti that is bringing together representatives of 50 countries and more than 30 international organizations.
After the opening speech by President Fernandez, both Preval and Clinton will address the assembly. Clinton has been assigned the task of following up on the agreements together with Robert Zoellick, the president of the World Bank.
Haitian Prime Minister Jean Max Bellerive will continue the session with a description of the plan of action.
After the speeches, four working groups will be formed to discuss the projects for the reconstruction of the country devastated by the 12 January earthquake.
More than 200,000 persons were killed in the earthquake and more than a million lost their homes.
During the international meeting that is being held in Punta Cana in the east of the DR, the attendees will make a complete review of all the projected plans. They will also review the funds that have been collected during these months of assistance to Haiti. The idea is to establish deadlines and concrete objectives that will provide an orderly definition for the future of this international effort.
In a preparatory conference, the donor nations and the multilateral credit organizations approved a fund of US$3.8 billion that will be administered by the Haitian government over a period of 18 months for rebuilding the areas that were affected by the earthquake.

DR1 2010


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