Luxuryliving International taps Dominican NE as best of Paradise’s 10 top beaches

Balmy breezes, unbelievable beaches, fantastic financial incentives…the utter escape from the mad-dash of the “real world” and a permanent flip-flop lifestyle. These are just a few of the reasons more and more affluent travelers are choosing to live in paradise.

Coson beach, Las Terrenas, Samana

Of all the spots to buy a vacation or retirement home in the paradises of the Caribbean, Central America and Latin America, beachfront property continues to top the list.

There is something restorative about the beach-the sand, sun and sea have the power to revive us even after long hours of working and months of cold weather back home. Whether you enjoy splashing in the surf, sunning on the shore or simply listening to the waves from the terrace of your villa while relaxing with a cool drink, beach living is about as blissful as it gets.

The Caribbean and Central and Latin America are blessed with some of the finest beaches in the world. Only hours away from most major U.S. and European cities, these beaches offer the added bonus of being easily accessible.

For many, it’s an simple choice to own a vacation home or retire to a beach in paradise-not only are these stunning beaches easy to reach (yet worlds away from reality), but many of the countries have a lower cost of living and offer financial incentives to make retiring in paradise more desirable than ever.

Last year, Luxury Living International brought you our expert picks for the Top 10 Places to Live in Paradise. Now, we delve further into life in paradise, providing a detailed look at the Top 10 Beaches to Live on Paradise. From the Turks and Caicos to the Dominican Republic and Costa Rica to Cabo San Lucas, Mexico, these are the best beaches, beachside developments and beachfront properties that you would love to call home-and actually can.

Our picks represent the best of beach living in paradise-each of these beaches offers luxury, accessibility, great properties and, above all, sublime beauty.

Coson Beach, Las Terrenas, Samana (northeast)

Perhaps the Caribbean’s best-kept secret, the once-sleepy fishing village of Las Terrenas is becoming one of the hottest spots for vacation homes in the Caribbean for those in-the-know. Some are even calling it the San Tropez of the Caribbean.

The Dominican Republic boasts some of the best beaches in the world and Las Terrenas and Samana Peninsula have the best of the best, including Coson (Playa Coson), a long, luscious stretch of untouched sand dotted with gently leaning palms.

Besides beautiful beaches, Las Terrenas entertains with an eclectic mix of international restaurants and shops and outdoor pursuits from fishing and diving to hiking and whale watching. Los Nomados, the Samana Peninsula’s premier gated community, is the place to find that paradise dream house and own a slice of virginal Playa Coson. Villas such as the sprawling, modern-meets-Caribbean-chic Villa del Mar enjoy a prime spot right on the sands of Playa Coson.


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