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Samaná is far away from Punta Cana, Bavaro, Juan Dolio and Bayhibe, with its all-inclusive Caribbean dream, rum shots, bachata and meringue.

It is beyond the mountains, which for many years advocated the development of mass tourism. The Samaná Peninsula, with its 60 miles of spectacular beaches and lush coconut plantations, remains a pearl, and is yet undiscovered even by Dominicans.

Perhaps this is the reason why the CCN (Centro Cuesta Nacional) for its “Orgullo de mi Tierra” documentary, decided to start with the Samaná Peninsula, in the belief that to learn to love your own country, you must get to know it first.

In the world there are few beaches with water so transparent and san so fine; as this is the first reason to visit the Peninsula.

The region has about 100 beaches, creamy on the north coast, white sand on the east coast, interrupted only by groups of rocks in the south. Still mostly wild, to be discovered on foot or on horseback in complete solitude.

But if you are convinced the Caribbean is only long beaches and palm trees you will change your mind. Samaná is an ideal destination for trips dedicated to discovering the fauna and flora, a vacation to live in strict contact with nature.

Only Los Haitises National Park has 11- species of birds, with a total of 270 in the country, including herons, pelicans and frigates; endangered mammals, like the manatee and the solenodonte, three species of sea turtles, the green, Caretta caretta and the giant Leatherback turtle, which can weigh 800 kilograms!. More than 700 species of plants and a territorial morphology characterized by small cays called “mogotes”. Composed of limestone karst formations which emerge 40 meters above the water.

We also find the most widespread mangrove (Rhizozphora mangle) and white mangrove (Laguncularia racermosa) that creates spectacular links with its roots.

Between January and March, you may presence the passing of the Humpback Whales that come every year to these waters to mate and to give birth, in an unforgettable experience.

Another vital goal is the Waterfall at El Limon. Leaving the namesake town, where horses are rented, we move among plantations, of cocoa, coffee, pineapple bushes…the last stretch must be done on foot to reach the waterfall that drops for 40 meters forming a natural pool where you can bathe.

The dense forest hides small village houses that are so brightly painted, sometimes decorated with naïf drawings, flowers, and always have beautiful gardens shaded by a papaya plant.

Samaná Peninsula wisely mixes nature and the art of living the simple life in the Caribbean…united with the comforts of the modern world. Here you can live in a house designed by an architect of international repute, stand by the window and watch the fishermen returning from sea with their baskets of lobsters and fish.

And if you fall in love with the colors of the peninsula, you can take back semi-precious stones as souvenirs, maybe Larimar with its turquoise colors, with white, amber, yellow, green, and blue shades.


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