Spanish Investors Highlight the Importance of Dominican Tourism

BREAKING NEWS: Las Terrenas.- Representatives of Spanish hotel chains investing in Dominican Republic have highlighted the tourism service quality experienced in the country and the Government’s interest in protecting this economic activity.

Tourism minister Francisco Javier Garcia, has received reports of investors who expressed the Dominican destination has grown in quality in recent years and the Dominican offer has nothing to do with one or three years ago. The comments by the chairmen of hotel chains were external at a luncheon led by Garcia at the Hotel Villa Magna in Madrid.

Dominican Republic remains the most important Caribbean destination for investors and tourists from long-distance markets, both in Spain and other European countries.

Garcia has announced that the Ministry of Tourism concluded Land Management Plan of the poles of the country, including in National Signaling Plan, which allow for easy mobility of international visitors.

In that order, has announced the renewal of the fleets of tourist taxis, uniformity and regulation of drivers and vehicles serving this sector in all poles of the country, which ensure the safety and efficiency in service.

Also, Garcia stressed that tourism is working on paving the main roads and streets of the hotel areas of the country and in the construction of sidewalks and curbs in the communities where these poles are embedded.

Las Terrenas Live, 25.01.10


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