Congressional and municipal election

On Sunday, 16 May Dominicans will go to the polls to vote for 4,036 posts. 6,116,397 people are eligible to vote. What is different this year is that the victors will remain in their posts for six years. This is because the municipal and congressional election is being rolled over two years to synchronize with the presidential election, in keeping with the new Constitution. Both elections will now only be three months apart.
26 political parties are participating in the election. The JCE says the election is costing taxpayers RD$1.2 billion plus another RD$1.08 billion that has been distributed to the ruling PLD and the PRD, with a small amount of these funds assigned to the other 24 running parties. The JCE says that the per diem expenses for 66,250 members of the Electoral Stations alone will cost RD$108 million.
There are 13,250 polling stations nationwide and an estimated 304,522 Dominicans are directly employed in the election.
Voting opens at 6am and closes at 6pm. Voters will receive two ballots – one for senators and deputies and another for mayors, city councilors and their substitutes.
The Dominican voting system does not allow voters to vote for candidates of different political parties.


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