Jobs for Haiti and the DR

Dominican Republic

Dominican Republic

The future of the DR will depend on how opportunities can be created to make the most of possible injections of foreign capital to build Haiti and strengthen bi-national ties. Lisandro Macarrulla, president of the National Business Council (Conep) and Maribel Gasso, president of the Santo Domingo Chamber of Commerce both advocated using the opportunity to strengthen the relationship between both countries. They spoke in favor of creating public policies to guide sustainable development in Haiti. They made these comments at the Forum for Business and Investment for the Reconstruction and Sustainable Development of Haiti, held in Santo Domingo yesterday.
“We are convinced that together we are more and better. We can have a greater impact and that is why in this initiative to support Haiti, we have formed an alliance with government and private bodies in both countries,” said Macarrulla. He expressed hope that the capital flows the international community has pledged for Haiti would become reality and that both countries could benefit.
“We have to exercise caution and achieve a balance between humanitarian aid and promotion of niche opportunities for building a productive base in both sides of the island,” he said. He said that jobs that contribute to Haiti’s development must be created, as reported in Hoy.


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