Dominican Republic Reports Steady Growth in Visitors

Dominican Republic Tourism

Dominican Republic Tourism

Tourist visits to the Dominican Republic have increased each month since September 2009, including a 6 percent increase in January, a 2 percent increase in February and a 3 percent increase in March, said Javier Garcia, the Dominican tourism minister. In speech delivered at the recent Dominican Annual Tourism Exchange (DATE), Garcia said visits to the Dominican Republic “held steady throughout the global economic crisis and recent data shows a continued and increasing surge of arrivals since last fall. Our strong marketing outreach and continued investment in DR tourism infrastructure has built momentum from our key markets and is creating new markets.”

In 2009, U.S. visits surpassed 1 million arrivals for the fifth consecutive year. Garcia said the country is investing more than $12 million in 58 new tourism projects, and is launching infrastructure initiatives including Atlantic Boulevard, which will connect the country’s North Coast to the Samana Peninsula, the revitalization and development of major highways and roads, and the construction of new airport facilities. Finally, new territorial ordinances include a five-year plan to develop rural tourism in the country’s 31 provinces. The plan calls for developing friendly guest houses with create a minimal environmental impact on small villages and towns, but allow visitors to explore the areas.


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