Road from Santo Domingo to Samana

On Sunday, July 6th 2008, the Department of Transportation in the Dominican Republic opened a brand new road that now connects the city of Santo Domingo with the Samana Peninsula, allowing for added convenience and accessibility on this beautiful island vacation destination.

With a total investment of $150 million USD, the Santo Domingo to Samana road is over 66 miles long, with two lanes (one each way) and two perimeter roads, as well as 12 bridges and 4 intersections. The road begins on Kilometer 20 of the Las Americas Highway, crossing Monte Plata, Bayaguana and Los Haitises, reaching Maria Trinidad Sanchez Province, while connecting various counties in these areas.

The highway has three toll plazas with an approximate toll cost of $10 USD (350 Dominican Pesos), depending on the type of your vehicle, and services offered include road rangers, police, customer service centers, snacks, restrooms and telephone.
The great news for visitors to the Dominican Republic is that the design of the road saves over three hours of travel time! The approximate driving time between Santo Domingo and Samana is now just an hour and a half.
So what are you waiting for? It’s easier than ever to visit the Dominican Republic, with numerous non stop flights from many U.S gateway cities, affordable all-inclusive resorts in spectacular beachfront settings, and a culture and vibe all of its own! See for yourself what makes the Dominican Republic so special.


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