Lots of water for Las Terrenas

Can you believe it Las Terrenas is finally going to get lots of water, the government is putting in water pipes everywhere and they are going to allow 10 times more water to be delivered to Las Terrenas. Las Terrenas has never had enough water, its the same problem all over the world in all kinds of places, never enough water. Well not anymore, now it is lots of water and all year around. This is going to allow people in Las Terrenas to keep their children safe because they will have enough water to do all the daily things they need to do. The worker have been working 12 hours a day and they have been digging up the streets and putting the pipes in at a very fast pace. Of course we have elections coming up and everyone wants to do the right things so the people are going in very fast.

The Government announced yesterday the beginning of work of termination and extension of the aqueduct of Samaná and the renovation of that which will supply water to the province of Hermanas Mirabal with its communes of Salcedo, Tenares and Villa Tapia.
That of Samaná will be wide in order to supply water to the communities of Las Terrenas, Cosón and to the other rural communities of this province.
The work of the two multiple aqueducts will be under the responsibility of the Brazilian consortium Odebrecht through their representative in Dominican Republic, the Consortium Bahía Samaná. The work will be completed in 18 months.
The multiple aqueduct of Samaná was started with an investment of 115.2 million dollars in year 2006.
The work was stopped and with the convention, an addendum was made to increase the loan of almost 50 million pesos, which makes a total of 165 million dollars.
It was subscribed between the Dominican Sate and the National Economic and Social Development Bank of Brazil.
It will have interest of 1% per year and three years of tolerance.


Construction has also begun on a new connecting road between El Catey and Las Terrenas along the northern coast. When complete the prices for real estate will rise again, because the region will be more easily accessed by automobile. This is an important point for investors!


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