Unbelievable great press!

Hello again Harry! I just now saw your email and here’s a quick account, hopefully before your deadline- My husband (61yrs) and I (58) have traveled thruout the world, including Australia, New Zealand, Europe, most Caribbean islands and several countries in North and South America, so we didn’t just buy in the first country we saw. We knew what we DIDN’T want: high rise condos, lots of tourists and strip malls. We DID want a great walking beach, lively town with good grocery stores and restaurants and, most of all, an affordable cost of living. We found all that in Las Terrenas. We loved the mix of French, Italians, Germans and local Dominicans. We discovered a local bar/restaurant named “Kelly’s” after its beautiful Canadian owner, where we met interesting, intelligent and fun people who speak English (we’re still working on our Spanish!) It’s important to have a meeting place like the TV show “Cheers” where “everybody knows your name!” Las Terrenas has over ten miles of beaches and the town is surrounded by beautiful palmtree-covered hills. During our last visit, my husband walked down to the beach and bought some red snappers right out of the fishing boat. They filleted the fish on the beach, we grilled it on our backyard grill that evening and enjoyed it with a fresh baguette from the French bakery and wine and vegetables from Super Mercado Lindo! We actually bought one of the very first properties that Dan Hussmann showed us. We’d seen two condos and a house on the hill, but as soon as I saw the heleconia and wild ginger growing along the wall and the turquoise swimming pool I knew we’d found our piece of paradise! Danny called the owners in the US and we made them an offer and the deal was done in about 48 hours! We realize excellent rental income from our house which we rent for $600/week and advertise on http://www.homeaway.com/vacation-rental/p202857 . We just had the entire 900 sq ft villa tiled with white ceramic tiles for only $1500US and we’re planning to add a second bathroom. Again– I invite anyone interested in a wonderful way of life to check out Las Terrenas. Rent our house during your visit and let Danny and Bruce from DR Paradise show you around! Susan Miller


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  1. Dominican Watchdog Says:

    Before investing in the Dominican Republic you should seek free advice from Dominican Watchdog – a nonprofit consumer protection agency fighting fraud and corruption in the Dominican Republic. Go to our website and sign up for alerts and warnings. If you have been scammed you are also welcome to seek our help.

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