Questions and Answers from a future dominican

Hey Bobbi,

Answers below please

From: []
Sent: Thursday, March 05, 2009 9:42 AM
Subject: INFO

Hey Dan,

Got your info and am still going thru it. Looks like Barb has got the right idea.
[Daniel] sure…it is a lot of info…it will answer lots of your questions though – you should subscribe to as well. Next, when you have time, spend some time on my BLOG…

I’d probably spend some time on the Guzman webpage too…I attached it to last letter

First of all; I am thinking about us moving there. Are you a real estate broker, and do
you live in Florida, or there? Explain how all that works. Where in Florida–Ft. Lauderdale???
[Daniel] I have my Florida Brokers License on voluntary inactive…I live here full time

We would be interested in keeping a home here and having a small place there to see
how we like things. We will visit I hope this summer.
[Daniel] Perfect!
I would like to work there selling
real estate; Barb says it’s an untapped market with lots of newcomers.
[Daniel] how’s your Spanish?

I also want to know about social security checks (my husband’s), and pension checks–
we are on automatic deposit. Would we use a bank in Florida for that and just actually,
how does all that stuff work.
[Daniel] not 100% sure as I am WAY too young for that stuff! I use a Florida Bank, but I also have an account here.
I know some of the income we have (I think it may be social
security for Frank, or maybe his VA pension) is not payable out of the country. I don’t know
for sure, but I have in the back of my mind, that I ran across that in print somewhere.
[Daniel] you probably better get a hold of them.

So, what I want to know right now is about the cost of living vs. our US dollar. Can you tell me.
[Daniel] currently, the Dominican Peso is about 35 pesos to the dollar. Outside of a monthly house payment one can live VERY comfortably here for under $3,000 a month…that would include a maid and a gardener!

Also, are there US banks there, or do you bank in Florida?
[Daniel] none that I know of
Do you actually live there, or do you
go back and forth to Florida.
[Daniel] here 100% of the time…only way I am going back is swim, and if I do tat, I sort of hope I don’t make it!
What franchise (real estate) do you work with.
[Daniel] DR Paradise is independently owned…been here 10 years.
How much does
a great agent make yearly????
[Daniel] ???? It is not as easy as people think…again, how’s your Spanish. The world’s economy has not helped us either. We are not as bad as many places, and we are starting to see people taking their money out of the US and investing it here, but it is difficult. Without two of our partners here who are Dominican and born here on the peninsula we could not do it. Sellers are a mess here…they never have their paperwork ready…it is really hard!

You seem to be an exception though if you did 8Mil last year! Tough times to do that well. How many agents do you have?
Tell me about the new resort/hotel Barb has been talking
[Daniel] Barb? Which one?

What employment opportunites would there be for my son, age 30, and his wife.
[Daniel] Skills? That’s a tough one too because wages are SO low…I attached “Developing Apartments…” above…that’s a sure way! Other than that, live here and find your nitch…figure what is needed (lots) and then fill that need…I myself am opening a Topless Drive-thru liquor store. (Just kidding about the Topless part!)
They have
1 son under one year of age? Schools? Just thinking in time, they may want to move as well.
[Daniel] We have a private French School that is pretty good…all the kids there have at least 2 languages and most 3. There is more to education than just school so living in other countries and learning different cultures adds to ones emotional intelligence

I know all this sounds probably really elementary to you but I need some kind of basis to know
more about what to check into.
[Daniel] again, I’d get on … join the chat rooms…better info than I can provide and many different experiences, not just mine
How does your real estate commission work
[Daniel] what commission? Just kidding. It depends on the deal…who works it…we really partner on a lot of it. Bruce and I (the two gringos) depend on Pedro and Deiby for their Dominican Knowledge and they depend on us for our computer and networking and marketing skills. We being ‘em in and they help us close…they also get so many more listings tat neither Bruce nor I could touch.
-what percent;
[Daniel] depends

desk fees?,
[Daniel] none

Are you a ReMax agent or Broker. Is it ReMax. I used to own a quarter interest in a Re/Max
franchise in Ky. It’s a great company.
[Daniel] We have a Remax here…not doing much but maybe they need a go-getter like you! I would have to leave the hiring of another agent to Bruce and Pedro the two principals of DR Paradise
[Daniel] Hope I’ve helped Bobbi…be sure to give DR1 a try.

Can you drop me an e-mail re above info for starters.

Look forward to your call.



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