OMSA offers free rides. Today, work off after 12.

OMSA offers free rides
The Metropolitan Bus Service Office (OMSA) will offer free bus rides Friday, to aid voters in getting to and from their voting stations. OMSA administrator Ignacio Ditren Flores told El Nuevo Diario that their fleet of buses would be on hand from 6am until their standard time of closing. The busses will be obtainable in Santo Domingo and Santiago de los Caballeros. They take their Democracy seriously in the Dominican Republic.

Today, work off after 12
The Presidency has confirmed that starting today, May 15th at noon, will begin a holiday and will extend thru Saturday May 17th at 6:00 am. Decree 193-08 makes clear that the time off is designed to make it easier for Dominicans to vote. Thousands of Dominicans live far from their voting stations because of never changing their addresses. Public services, such as police and fire stations, hospitals, and businesses that obviously can’t close (like hotels) will carry on as usual. Most schools also determined to allow their students the two days off as well.


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