Subject: LT 745 property

Subject: LT 745
Hi Danny,
Thanks for your info.
Is LT 745 in a gated community?
[DL Hussmann] LT 745 is not in a gated community in the traditional sense. It is in a relatively high traffic area. The road in is a dead end so there is only one way in and out. There are two other large homes behind it so any outlaws would have to enter, cross two other homes…do their nefarious deed and then escape carrying their ill-gotten gains all the way back through two yards complete with 8 foot walls and lights etc. Owner told me just yesterday when we showed it to this couple from South Carolina that they had never had any trouble. Owners have security lighting at each corner, the windows are all barred with the ornate iron work, the doors all have locking-latching mechanisms that would make it virtually impossible to penetrate without a tank. I would leave my 6-year old alone in this house!
 Do you have photos of 745 lot / garden area and any photos of nearby homes and beach area?
[DL Hussmann] I have many photos of the lot…night time too…will forward. No photos of nearby homes but they are really nice – the beach has typical Las Terrenas beauty and with over 14 kilometers of beach to choose from you can pick open and busy to private and secluded. I will get some photos of both of these. Please allow a little time as we are in our High Season here. Actually sold 2 this week!
Are there any health spas, clubs with pools and movie theaters and in this town?
[DL Hussmann] There is a gym. There are many hotels with pools and they are lenient about usage. There are a couple spas. All these things are in the works! More and more things coming online every month. No “Real” movie theatre here but there is one restaurant that has a screen set up on the beach and every night he shows different movies, or maybe 1980’s MTV (imaging Boy George, Cindy Lauper, Big Hair and biker shorts! It’s a hoot!)
I hope to be coming around March if I can get away.
[DL Hussmann] Come on down!
What is the difference between the two areas? and how do beaches differ between where you are and Bavaro?
[DL Hussmann] I’ll let Andy tell you that since I have never been to Bavaro.
Sand beaches in Las Terrenas area seems to be more brown colored than Punta Cana & Bavaro beaches which are white…Is this so?
Our beaches range from nearly white like in the Playa Rincon area to a pretty Honey-color. They are spectacular.

Respectfully yours,
DanDannyDaniel Hussmann


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