Quality Education takes Priority in The Dominican Republic

The Ministry of Economy, Planning and Development  celebrated its first anniversary by organizing a day-long Economic Perspectives Seminar. At the seminar, it was determined that the most important item to recommend was to increase spending on education. What they are hoping to do is to ensure a quantum leap in the quality of Dominican Education.

Economic consultant Carlos Asilis emphasized that there was a call for improvement in the quality of education  in the DR. Former Central Bank governor Bernardo Vega cited education as the DR’s greatest opportunity. He stressed that the DR cannot keep up with the competition with the way things are now. He warned that unless changes are quickly made, Cuba, who has a highly educated populace will take even more business. High wages but unskilled labor has already resulted in a loss of manufacturing income.

Former Central Bank governor Carlos Despradel said that ultimately, to realize superior productivity in the workplace, essential improvements in the educational system are necessary. Isidoro Santana also said that increasing social spending to elevate human skills should not be restricted to producing misinformation about government spending on education. Santana said that the country’s supreme disappointment is that while international surveys show the dismal assessment of education in Dominican students, the general public seems to be happy with what it is receiving. He surmises this is just an indication of the general population’s low level of education.
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