Health care

Health care is an issue all of us baby-boomers (wow, lots of booming going on here!) have on our minds. I can tell you from personal experience health care here is pretty darn good and very cheap. I personally have had some minor stuff done…a pretty serious burn and a sever bronchial problem that were taken care of rapidly, efficiently and cheaply. I know of a girl that had a miscarriage and she was quite satisfied with her treatment. My friend Monchey had a hernia repaired and my friend John had a gall bladder removed…all here in Las Terrenas!
My dental work was spick and span and cheap. A rear-lower molar root canal was quoted to me in the states at “at least $1,500”. Mine was $300 here and the office was full of modern equipment and complete with a University of Wisconsin Dental School diploma on the wall.
Respectfully yours,
DanDannyDaniel Hussmann
Skype Address – dlhussmann
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Las Terrenas, Samana, Dominican Republic


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