Emerging markets

I studied emerging markets for over a year. I read everything I could read, I attended seminars in many cities, I even went for five days to the National Association of Realtors convention in New Orleans. This was held in November ’06.

While at this convention, I spent my entire time in the International Pavilion. I looked at Real Estate opportunities in every nook and cranny of our globe. I took this stuff back to my room at night and poured over the literature and I kept narrowing my choices down…and kept narrowing and kept narrowing…until…

I landed here, in the Dominican Republic…and not only here, but on the Samana Peninsula on the famed North Coast. I believe this to be one of the top 2 or 3 Real Estate opportunities in the world today and that it’s close (< 2 hour plane ride from Miami) proximity to the US definitely puts it at number one for anyone in the Western Hemisphere.

I’ve been living here off and on for nearly a year now (first trip February, ’07) and permanently since mid July, 2007 and you know what I’ve discovered?? I’ve discovered that almost everything I studied, read and heard has come true.

I was told we would have a new International Airport…well, we have one at El Catey. American Airlines is already doing daily flights there from Miami (via Puerto Rico) and I just heard this week Jet Blue has direct flights from New York!

I was told we would have a new road connecting this new airport to Las Terrenas and the Samana Peninsula and it has already been cleared.

I was told we would have a new road connecting the capital of Santo Domingo in the south to the Samana Peninsula and though it is not paved entirely people are already driving it. This cuts what was about a 4 hour drive down to about 1 ½ hours!

I was told we would have new golf courses and several are already being built and several more have been approved.

I was told we would have a marina and land has already been purchased, cleared and even rivers moved. Talk about your Dubai-like scale!

I was told we would see an increase in Cruise travel and that is happening. We went from 2-4 cruise ships a week in season to now over 10 a week.

I was told we would have new water treatment facility and pipeline and that’s 75% done.

I was told we would have new sewer treatment and city sewer and that’s nearly complete.

Other things like Fee Simple Land title (you actually OWN your purchase), awesome tax benefits, new medical and dental facilities, American Engineering firms, Architects and designers all flocking here. Environmental obligations are being embraced. Education is at the top of every politicians mind.

And The Donald says it’s pretty good too. He sold over $300,000,000 USD at has Cap Cana project in JUST ONE DAY!!

Check out the other articles in this BLOG for more details. Look at the “Why Buy Here” piece, the Forbes Magazine articles, the Wall Street Journal article.

If you are still doubtful then you need to come on down…heck, you need to come on down anyway. “We’ll leave a light on”.

Right after I arrived the first trip I was introduced to Bruce Pierson and the fine people at DR Paradise and DR Caribbean Real Estate (www.drparadise.com and http://www.drcaribbean.net respectively). They are an excite group of people completely knowledgeable after over 8 years serving the Dominican Republic and the Samana Peninsula.

Please call or write…we’re very happy to help with travel arrangements!

Respectfully yours,
DanDannyDaniel Hussmann
Skype Address – dlhussmann
Las Terrenas, Saman, Dominican Republic


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