Bring your coats!

If you’re visiting the Dominican Republic this winter please bring any and all old jackets, coats, mittens and scarves you can part with. You can bring them directly to us in El Paseo Mall in Las Terrenas or take them yourselves to the mountain town of Constanza.

Reports are that temperatures are just a few degrees above freezing in the morning. The people living in and around this area will certainly appreciate having them. Can you imagine snow-capped mountains in the Caribbean? Strange isn’t it.

Midnight temps linger around nine degrees, but have recurrently dropped to the six degree mark. Many residents say it gets much colder and even without the benefit of temperature gauges, I can certainly feel for these people!. They often report riverbanks, ponds, lakes and puddles frosting over, sometimes with a fairly hard freeze.
Francisco Radhames Perez, a farmer, estimates that he has seen hard freezes four times already this year. This part of the country is always known as the coldest area and several days of below freezing temperatures have already been recorded.
Duarte Peak is the highest in the Caribbean and I have been told many times it is snow-capped year around. However, there is no weather measuring equipment there. Perhaps that is a good thing. We wouldn’t want people looking for warm sandy beaches getting the wrong idea would we?
So, with record low temperatures, it looks like we can put the Global Warming Theory on the back burner for now…well, at least until tourist season is over!
E-mail me if you would like to donate coats and need hard info on how to get them here! We’d love to chat with you!

Respectfully yours,
DanDannyDaniel Hussmann
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Las Terrenas, Samana, Dominican Republic

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  1. Melodee Baker Says:

    I read about the people needing coats. We are coming next week but not familiar with where this area is. Would it be easier to just mail them? We will be staying along the northern coast there on business, etc. Please let me know. Thanks, Melodee

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