Gorgeous Dominican Children

A-h-h the gorgeo us Dominican Children. I keep returning to my theme that living here is like returning to the 1950´s! Mothers stay at home, fathers are involved with the raising of their children, and the kids? Well, the kids PLAY OUTDOORS!

drkids_022.jpg drkids_021.jpg drkids_020.jpg drkids_019.jpg drkids_018.jpg drkids_017.jpg drkids_016.jpg drkids_015.jpg drkids_014.jpg drkids_013.jpg drkids_012.jpg drkids_011.jpg drkids_010.jpg drkids_009.jpg drkids_0081.jpg drkids_007.jpg drkids_006.jpg drkids_005.jpg drkids_004.jpg drkids_003.jpg drkids_002.jpg drkids_001.jpg


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