Waterfalls at El Limon, Samana, Dominican Republic

Barb Irvin adjusts her seat on the way to the Waterfalls at El Limon Samana Peninsula Dominican Republic


Horse ears on the way to the Waterfalls at El Limon


Riding through the mountainside we were treated to many wonderful sights. We saw coffee trees, papaya, Sugar Cane, Coconut Palms and a host of birds, lizards and even a snake. There are no poisonous snakes in the Dominican Republic!


John Irvin enjoys his ride to the Waterfalls at El Limon Samana Peninsula Dominican Republic




Waterfalls at El Limon



Beauty! Waterfalls at El Limon Samana Peninsula Dominican Republic


The water, while certainly brisk and refreshing…­invigorating even, was also certainly tolerable! I’ve swam in much much colder mountain streams in the mountains of North Carolina for instance.


Fresh water Shrimp and crabs and of course fish were plentiful


Barb Irvin tries to decide it she will brave the waters




Our intrepis photographer, Dan Hussmann takes a swim. It was very hard swimming against the current from the falls!





Quite a workout!

Photographer Dan Hussmann emerges from the froth!




3 Responses to “Waterfalls at El Limon, Samana, Dominican Republic”

  1. batguano101 Says:


    I was the doctor in the Rancho Espanol rural clinic and worked in the El Limon hospital and never had the money or time to go to the falls with the tourists.

    Thank you for the pictures.

    Next time I will get a mule and make the trek too.
    All I need is to find a way to go back and practice in the D.R. where I have a medical license.


    I was there 2 weeks ago and did the horseride to the waterfall. I ride here in England so was really looking forward to it but I have never encountered terrain like this that the poor horses had to navigate. The “trail” was full of boulders and thick clay mud and incredibly steep in parts both up and down. Granted, the scenery on the way is spectacular if you dare let go to get your camera out and take pictures! It takes about half an hour of treacherous riding to the footpath down to the falls. Again incredibly steep over boulders and mud and NO handrails to hold onto. The small waterfall is at the bottom and to get to the big waterfall you have to walk across through the river. At this point several people were in a state of utter exhaustion and couldn’t go any further. The guides brought the horses down as far as they could and helped the poor people up the steep bank and onto the horses to take them back. Yes, stunningly beautiful it is but only undertake this tour if you are VERY experienced on a horse and more importantly SUPER FIT!! Remember….. when you’ve seen the waterfall…. you’ve got to climb back up the path to get to your horse and do the ride back!!!! I would only recommend this for extremely fit people.

    • drparadise Says:

      Thank you for your comments Janet. Yes, the ride is a tough one. I do not remember having to cross the river to get to the falls…perhaps you came in from a different point. My feeling is also that this is not an adventure for the unhealthy. However, you can go at your own speed and stop and rest. The ones I feel sorry for are the poor guides who go up and down that mountain on foot 2-3 times per day!

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