Dominican Republic, Samana Peninsula Aqueduct

East end of the Samana Peninsula Dominican Republic, between Samana and Las Galeras.

I took these pictures to show everyone just how much support the government of the Dominican Republic is giving to the Samana Peninsula. Besides the brand New International Airport at Sanchez, and the brand new Highway connecting the capital of the Dominican Republic at Santo Domingo to the Samana Peninsula, now the Dominican government is spending millions to bring fresh water to all parts of the Samana Peninsula. The Dominican Republic government has detirmined that the Samana Peninsula will be the “Jeweled Showcase” of the Caribbean. They want it thought of as the most luxurious Real Estate investment in the world rivaling the Cote d’ Azure, Dubai, and anywhere one goes for luxurious golf, spas, shopping and just to getaway from it all.


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One Response to “Dominican Republic, Samana Peninsula Aqueduct”

  1. batguano101 Says:

    I worked in a rural clinic there to get my Dominican medical license and would like to get a job there to go back and practice medicine.

    It is a beautiful area and I am sorry to hear it is being developed, which will destroy it- ironic.

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