Finally! Golf comes to Las Terrenas!


My friend Monchy is a Cuban-American from Miami. I met him through Carlos, a mutual friend. Carlos is a baseball coach/scout in the Biggies for Tampa Bay, and he met Monchy many years ago when he was playing in the Grapefruit League here and all over the Caribbean and South America. Both are really great guys.
Monchy is a smart smart man. He started buying Real Estate here in the Samana Peninsula…and specifically in Las Terrenas in about 1980. Now he owns tons of land, homes, and a hotel called Casa Grande which is located on Playa Bonita just outside of Las Terrenas.
I’m really happy for Monchy and I’m really happy I met him. He is a plethora of knowledge about all things Dominican and again, especially all things Las Terrenas and Samana Peninsula. I always try to visit him several times when he is in town. I like to pick his brain, The last time I did this he let me in on a little jewel.
It seems one of his best friends signed the papers, and bought the golf course here! After ten years of on again/off again promises, we finally have a company that is ready, willing and able to carry this through! How exciting is that? It’s just one more feather in Las Terrenas’ sombrero…a sombrero that is already chock full of brilliant “foul-i-edge”!
From what Monchy tells me they are going to start right away. They are going to do the club house first so people can see the quality of the workmanship and the beautiful style and design. We expect to hear the dump trucks rumbling any day now!
Last year was the first time in DR history where America tourists outnumbered any other country. If we have golf, imagine what will happen. American tourists will outnumber all countries combined! Golf is king!!
All I can say is – “FORE” – look out land values!!!


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