Hello all my patient friends and family!

As most of you know, I am living in Las Terrenas Dominican Republic now. We started trying to buy this property 8-9 months ago!

We finally did it! After several set-backs and delays, we conquered all and we closed on all 54 acres late Friday! I would have written you sooner but my computer has been under doctors care for 3 dog-gone days. I am so ecstatic I can hardly sit still. This is a life-changing event for me!

I’d like to take this opportunity to personally thank Randy Schwickerath for his gargantuan efforts. Without Randy, there is no way this would have come to fruition. He worked so diligently and he steadfastly believed in the property and that it was worth the efforts he was putting forth! I’m really proud and happy for him…well, for all of us!

I’d also like to thank Michel and Sharon Johnson. When the going got tough, these people told the going where to go! They uprooted their families, moved down to Cabarete, dug in, and spent tons of time and energy supporting Randy and seeing this thing through. All three of these people are EXACTLY the type of people we should all be glad are taking the helm on this project.

I spoke to Randy late last night. He is already arranging an appointment with the company that did the Cliff-side treatments you saw pictures of. They are coming “The Cliffs at Las Galeras (working name) to begin the preliminaries on developing the 14 acre Lot A! We are going to waste no time pushing forward with this. He has already done much of the groundwork of drawing site plans and floor plans, etc.  – bigger, better, more amenities …”tweaked” as he calls it.

Everything is going just super here in Las Terrenas too. I can’t believe how busy we are…I actually thought  I would be joining a slower life-style here…HA! Real Estate in the Samana Peninsula is going gang busters. Las Terrenas, where I live is undergoing quite q metamorphasis…new condo projects, several new commercial spaces and some hotesl are all coming on line. Not to mention Golf! Las Terrenas Golf course is getting under steam as we speak. I find myself working even more here in the dominican Republic than I did…in Fort Myers…I started to write…”at home”…but I realized this is my home now!

We still some shares of Lot B’s 40 acres that can be sold. These shares are still worth at least $40 so it’s still an awesome deal for them. When we finish the Cliff-side treatment, they will be worth much more. When we finish the infrastructure they will be worth, you got it, much more!

OK, I’ll keep you posted. Those of you that invested, thanks again for your patience and congratulations again for your savvy business acumen!

All my very best and I hope to see you soon in the beautiful Samana Peninsula Dominican Republic!




PS Hey folks – one of our marketing ideas is to have fans made up. One side of the fan will be our “The Cliffs at Las Galeras” Logo and pictures on it. The other side we want to put English to Spanish translation words and phrases. We think people will keep these around and they will help visitors.

I’ve been compiling a list of some words and phrases…normal stuff like cervesa and vin tinto and cuba libra…oops, sorry, I am telling on myself here…but I was wondering if you had any suggestions. Food, drink, directions, metric conversions??? Come on, put your two pesos worth in!


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