I just thought this interesting

Helping the Locals get Ahead

I just thought this interesting…I can see some of that here in the DR…I personally have a husband/wife/2-year old daughter living with me full time. They cook, clean, garden, run errands, built my patio and teach me Spanish…or I should say, they teach me Dominican. I in turn, pay their rent, buy all the groceries, beers, medical and dental and allow them to use my vehicle anytime they need it and I am not using it. They also earn money by cutting hair and cleaning a couple other houses…it’s an awesome symbiotic arrangement!

It’s only been one month, but we are quickly becoming close friends and I can’t wait to see what the future will bring!

International Living Postcards–Saturday Edition

Saturday, Aug. 11, 2007

Dear International Living Reader,

Last week’s Saturday Edition generated a lot of reader response.

One reader wrote to say: “I have lived in the Lake Chapala area for almost four years (thanks to IL opening up our world to the possibilities). We employ 2.5 locals full-time (maid full-time, driver/personal assistant full-time, and gardener half-time). In that time, our gardener has gone from riding a bike to work to owning a car. Instead of renting a place to live, he now owns a home (which he built). My maid is sending her eldest daughter to college and hopes to educate all her children. Our driver/PA can now support his family adequately and give his two girls a good education.”

This is a good example of improving opportunities for locals. Rather than having to go to Los Angeles to be a maid, this person’s maid can stay in her home town with her children.


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