Final Installment – 3 Steps to Dominican Citizenship and a passport – the Outline

Its me again, DanDannyDaniel coming at you from Beautiful Sunny Dominican Republic where every day is like the vacation youve always dreamed of!

I promised you the step-by-step outline for Residency and eventual Dual Citizenship in the DR and Im the last one that wants to disappoint! Without further ado..

Three Steps to Citizenship and a Passport

Step  1. Provisional Residency

a.      Medical Exam

1.      Must be taken inside the DR

2.      By a Medical Doctor

3.      At the Department of Immigration

a.      Urine Sample    >

b.      Blood Sample    >     (looking for Aids, Illegal Drugs, and T.B with these 3 tests)

c.      Chest Ex-ray    >

d.      Have you had surgery in the past 5 years?

e.      What prescription Meds are you on?

f.      Various and sundry other medical questions may be asked.

b.      Department of Residency Application filed

1.      Copies of current passport needed

2.      Certified or original copies of your Birth Certificate needed (be sure to make copies, originals will not be returned)

3.      Police letter of good conduct from your local Police Department (easier for some than others! ;o))

4.      Proof of Economic solvency in the amount of $500,000 Pesos Dominican (about $15,000US at this writing)

a.      Can be cash

b.      Real Estate purchase

c.      Business Investment

d.      Utilization of a locally Incorporated Company

5.      Interpol background check by National Police (Uh-oh, look out James Bond)

c.      Once Residency Application is filed you may expect to obtain your Initial Provisional Residency Card and your Initial Cedula (ID) Card within 60-90 days both these cards are valid for one year.

d.      Now you have all rights to live, work and citizenship except voting

e.      This also starts the clock ticking for eventual citizenship

2. Permanent Residency

a.    After the original one year time frame for the Provisional Residency has passed, the above process is Repeated Once Again Exactly as Explained

b.   The purpose is to renew the above. Renewing then changes the status to Permanent residency

        1.  Your 2nd Residency Card is valid for two years

        2.  Your 2nd Cedula Card is valid for six years

c.  The reason for this duplication is because the Dominican government wants to see that all applicants have demonstrated they are law-abiding citizens.

3. Becoming a Citizen (and gaining a 2nd Passport)

        a.  After the above Permanent Residency Status is completed, Application for Naturalization is deposited

        b.  This takes about 5 months

        c.  Find a competent attorney this is my disclaimer hereyou will need a Dominican attorney we can make recommendations for you.

        d. You must make yourself available for a brief interview

                1.  This happens 2-3 months after your Application for Naturalization is deposited.

                2.  You must demonstrate some knowledge of the country and basic historical factssuch as..

                        a.  Major cities

                        b.  Airports

                        c.  Founding Fathers (Im not one of them though I do consider myself somewhat of a pioneer)

                        d.  Date constitution was Signed

                        e.  Etc,.

                3.  Swearing in Ceremony

                        a.  Usually the Chief of National Police or the Vice President, whomever is available  though the President will actually sign your papers

                        b.  Held Monthly

                4.  Once this is completed you may apply for your new Passport (takes one day!)

                5. Also apply for a new Cedula Card as a citizen (usually about 45 days)

OK, thats it. Bienvendo, welcome, glad to have ya! Now, lets buy and sell some Real Estate!

All my best to all of you. I hope you will visit soon and enjoy our little piece of DR Paradise!

DanDannyDaniel Hussmann



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6 Responses to “Final Installment – 3 Steps to Dominican Citizenship and a passport – the Outline”

  1. rick Says:

    How much do you know about the national police background check. I am on probation for dui in the United States. Do you think the background check there would find it.

  2. Mohamed Youssef Nigm Says:

    Dear Sir,

    how are you?, i already applied for the provisional residency in the dominican republic and i recieve it with a help of a lawyer i deal with him, then he apply for me for the permenant residency and he will get it for me within a week and i will come later to Dominican Republic to get my Cedula.

    Now after i will get my permenant residency i would like to apply for the citizenship and passport with the help of your office, if we deal together what documents you need from me in order to apply for the citizenship and passport and how long time it will take, also regarding the fees, how much its gonna cost me?. I need also to know from you full details and the procedures?.

    Thank you and Best Regards,

    Engr-Mohd Y.Najim

    • drparadise Says:

      did you get your answers here?

    • winthan Says:

      please let me know how much do you pay for permanent residency status without living in there? how long does it take? and how long do you have to wait for citizenship and passport? how long does it take totally for citizenship and how much do I have to pay for single?

  3. dildar aslam Says:

    i need to show only usd15k to get residence permit Dominican. or need investment usd75k, this is refundable or not. please guide me

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