Final Commitment of Title Guaranty

Hello all – We’re SO CLOSE we can smell the money! ;o)

The letter below is from Mike and Sharon explaining the final title process.

BTW, I think I should tell everyone I got to spend last Sunday on the property with Michael Johnson, his wonderful wife Sharon; Allison, his sweet daughter, and her boyfriend who came down with his mother. I drove my new motorcycle up through the mountains and down the other side with all those majestic views assaulting me every kilometer! It was a gloriously sunny day and I enjoyed every second of my trip. On the way back, I was feted to wonderful sunset views too. I recommend this trip to anyone and everyone!

On Lot A, we had a nice little picnic while sitting in that little roofed-over cabana or cupola or whatever-you-call-that-thing! It was nice and breezy and the waves against the cliffs were crashing. It was easy to imagine ourselves living and playing there. We also drove to Playa Colorado (beautiful! And more on this below!), and then we had another bite to eat in Las Galeras before leaving.

I just want everyone to know, I am so completely and thoroughly impressed with Mike and Sharon and their whole family! Randy Schwickereth is a stand-up guy too though he was unable to join us this trip.

I think these are a couple of the nicest people anyone would ever want to meet…so kind and generous, fun, and also, very smart. I am terrifically happy to be associated with them.

 We pretty much walked all over the property …laying things out like…”well, I think a pool would look great here, the restaurant here, the stairs down the cliff-side, the beach area, grassy sunbathing area here…tennis courts, shuffle board…there will be a jogging trail…:. “ We are actually taking suggestions for amenities so if you’ve any ideas, please forward them to me.

It was a really fun day and since I’ve seen the preliminary drawings and I’ve lived in Cabarete East, I could just picture how everything will look. We will be getting to pre-construction pricing as soon as possible. I will be a major player in all the sales and marketing of these. We will be chasing an international market. I think I will ask Michael if I can swing a special “Charter Member” price for all of us…what do you say Michael??? Can I put you on the spot here and now?? ;o)

Michael and Sharon are offering (up to) an additional $280K of their shares in LOT B. They have a couple projects going. Unfortunately (fortunately?) these shares are now being offered at $21/share. This is still a terrific deal – seeing as these shares are worth a good $40/share now and we all know where they will go from here! If you, or if you know anyone who may be interested in a great deal, please contact me asap.

Now, PLAYA COLORADO … Michael and Sharon own two lots here. They would like to keep one and sell the other. They are going to build on theirs. He already has house plans, circular driveway plans, and terraced lot plans (even obtained the dirt for this) for the one lot that they want to sell. As I mentioned, they’re smart cookies. The house plan is terrific…one anybody would be proud to call their own (of course you don’t have to use his plan) and one which is sure to appreciate like crazy.

This is an absolutely stunning area. The huge thing here is one cannot get single family lots here on the Samana Peninsula. There are VERY few available. Usually one must buy 10’s-of-thousands of square meters to get anything beachfront.  There is also all underground utilities! Unheard of! Sewer systems too!

This lot sits one lot back from the beach but it is elevated so your views will be unobstructed. And my-oh-my, what views! Left and right and straight ahead…Sharon and I decided it was “visually stimulating”. It looks across a wide bay to Playa Rincon (Conde Naste Traveler 2nd best beach in the world). There are mountains and islands and rocks tumbling into the se, not to mention coconut trees, bamboo and a host of other delightfully tropical flora and fauna.

The lot size is just over ½ acre and he’s asking $280K for the whole thing. The homes going up already are mostly of the million dollar + type so this is an area of awesome opportunity. The ambassador to…oops, I forgot to where…anyway, some ambassador just bought the lot next door.

Like an idiot, I did not take any pictures…oh well, I guess I will just have to take that dazzling drive over the mountain again…anyone want to join me?

Michael and Sharon, if I’ve misstated anything, or if there is anything you care to add about this Playa Colorado Lot, please let me know.

Ed Sparrow – I think the
$15K Michael refers to is from Senor Chandler – please follow up immediately…call me please.

All my best to everyone,



<<…>> Samana

 Michael and Sharon’s letter:

Dear Investors,

We have received the Commitment of Title Guaranty. It is the same as the one we emailed you July 7th.  We did not realize the Final Commitment of Title Guaranty cannot be issued until closing.  They need to complete all the new shareholder information at closing in order to finalize this and this cannot be sent out until the actual closing has taken place.

This policy has been paid for in full and we do have full title commitment from Stewart Title.

Those of you who have not transferred your investment funds to the attached account, now is the time.  Please email us the date and amount sent so we can verify and follow up with individual acknowledgements that we have received your investment and stock conformation into  Inmobiliaria Cabo S.A.

Both Sharon and myself are here in the Dominican Republic and are staying till these transactions are 100% completed. Bear with the slowness in paperwork but we are making sure all paperwork is documented and correct.

We have attached again the wiring instructions.

We check email daily so if you have any further questions, please do not hesitate to contact us.

Thank you,


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